Governance self-assessment

Internal Quality assurance is of critical importance to continuous improvement. With a range of stakeholders to assure, being able to use an easy to follow, thorough, industry developed framework to internally assess your performance is invaluable.


To ensure highest possible compliance with the Regulatory Standards, RSLs are required to carry out self-assessment which is the fundamental building block of producing an Assurance Statement. This tool has been designed to facilitate a comprehensive self-assessment of the level of compliance with Regulatory Standards which apply from 1st April 2019.

Key principles of self-assessment

Landlords should regularly assess their achievement of Regulatory Standards, doing so at least once every three years. Self-assessment of landlord’s performance against all of the Regulatory Standards, needs to be:

  • 1
    comprehensive and needs to involve review of all aspects of landlord’s governance framework.
  • 2
    inclusive – it needs to seek views and evidence for the self-assessment from governing body members, relevant staff and, where appropriate, other stakeholders including tenants.
  • 3
    based on clear evidence – and include conclusions and improvement actions. objective by rigorously challenging the assessment of landlord’s performance, with independent assurance where necessary.
  • 4
  • 5
    focused on improvement and identify clear actions to improve
  • 6
    closely monitored

Governance self-assessment framework

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